Hope everyone had fun at FurDU
Byakko & Stryker
We hope everyone that went to FurDU had amazing time. Been heading alot of good things which is what you would like to hear.

For those that like to know Atpaw has posted up his photos from the FurDU can find the here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/atpaw/sets/72157633363284077/

Again I hope everyone had fun and we look forward to next meet ^^

Darken out.

Halloween Prowl in Melbourne CBD
Yawa Byakko
Hey all,

Halloween is getting closer, and my Halloween prowl is still on. If you plan on coming NOW is a good time to say

Where we are meet Fed Square steps. you'll seem me or Byakko. not hard to miss
When: Sat. 31st Oct
Time: 4 - 6pm
What to bring: fursuit, costume, anything scary, and LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE and candy... hehe !!!

So far myself, Zeebie, and 2 others are coming, would be good to have some more.

And after I see that there is a halloween housewarming at Mezerian, Scamps, Leo and Venrez's place which sound good to go to after my prowl. details for that are:

Where: 1 Marriot Pde, Glen Waverley.
Time: 7pm onwards (or whatever)

So looks like a great night if you ask me. Hope to hear from ya all soon.
Darken out....

Greeting and Welcome
Byakko Tiger
Welcome to the first post of Oz Fursuiters LJ.

I know it's late, but hey it's better then nothing (Which is what you got in the past.)

OK, I want to thank the furs that have joined up so far, thank you all. We'll try and make this work out for all the Fursuiters in Australia.

For now, I'm in talks with a good friend of mine, Nitroshep, to help design and make this LJ stand out. Nothing in stone right now, but fingers and paws crossed. Though I'm lookout for anyone that has any skills in graphic design and/or web design.

Why do you ask? Well I wanting to make this something that any Fursuiter in Australia would wish to join so we can run meets, work in charity events, do walks around cities and just have fun! (Just like the furs in Canada (Helping Paws) and the furs in the Florida (Paw Pals).

I will be trying to get in contact with folks of both groups, to see if they can help us out with the first steps. Also, if any you know any furs that have a Fursuit and is on LJ, then send them over, we want to build this group so we all can have fun and be as one.


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